Thursday, October 7, 2010

Salem Film Festival

Our October screening will be at one of Oregon's biggest festivals, SFF. As this is the first feature for everyone artistically involved with The Corners, this is our biggest step yet. The film will compete in the Northwest Emerging Artist Competition, and much of the judging will be based on audience reaction, so if you find yourself in the Salem area or anywhere nearby, come on out to our screening!
Also, by pure coincidence, the film that will screen to open The Corners will be the short film JOKE, written and directed by our own Seth Allen- the actor who portrayed the eccentric neighborhood alpha dog "Frome".
The festival is a seven day long event with films from all around the country, including some international shorts. I would recommend it to anyone looking to absorb some art and culture.
Several of us (including myself) will attend the screening, and will be having fun at the festival as well.
Hope to see you there! As always thanks to everyone who made the film and to everyone who has given us so much support!!
Monday night, October 18th, 7pm
445 High St
Salem OR, 97301

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview on Pirate Satellite TV

Last night on Pirate Satellite TV, a variety show centered around Portland artists, musicians, and events, "Cranky Jay" interviewed Keith Apland (myself) about The Corners' adventures and accomplishments as a no-budget production. The interview is available online at the following website... Piratesatellite.TV
Check it out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Screening at The Woods in Sellwood

The Mcgillacuddy's screening had a great turnout, an energetic reaction, and brought lots of new fans to the project. It was an awesome night! On to our next FREE screening on August 24th, at 8pm, located in a Portland staple venue, The Woods. The establishment is a former funeral parlor converted into one of the prettiest and most unique venues you'll ever lay your eyes on. It boasts a great sound system, large screen, strong and tasty beer-wine-liquor selection, and a spacious hard wood floor seating area for the screening. It will be the perfect place for our next night out. Come enjoy yourselves.
Our Fall festival run should begin in October. The festivals will be in contact by the end of August. Until then, more screenings to come.
Thanks again for your interest and support of our local indie feature project done with heart, talent, and dedication.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mcgillacuddy's Screening

After our success at PUFF, The Corners is now returning to one of the locations where the film was shot, Mcgillacuddy's Sports Pub and Grill. The screening of the film will be on Sunday, July 18th at 9pm...and it will be free! Mcgillacuddy's was sympathetic to our plight during production as a no-budget operation and happily offered us use of their space. Because of this generosity, we were able to finish under our deadline. A thousand thank you's to the bar, now it is time to throw it on the big screen and have some fun!
We will know in the next six weeks where our next festival screening will be. Count on one in October. Til then, we will continue to screen the film in and around Portland, our home base.
Come enjoy our events and thank you for all of your support!
11133 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR 97220

Friday, June 4, 2010


The news in our world is quite exciting. We, the cast and crew of The Corners overcame the daunting challenges set before us when we decided to produce a feature film without any kind of budget, and the result is an AMAZING film! We will have our world premiere at the Clinton Street Theater next Thursday, June 10th, at 8pm as the OPENING film at the Portland Underground Film Festival! After the screening the festival is throwing an after party at the Aalto Lounge on SE Belmont, and your ticket to The Corners gets you a free Vodka drink.
Thanks to our friends and family who supported us. Thanks to the business proprietors and neighborhood residents who put up with us. And thanks to all who are interested in seeing what heart, talent, and motivation can accomplish on its own.
Come to the screening, it will be a wonderful night. - Keith
"A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission, and the babysitter were worth it." - Alfred Hitchcock