Thursday, October 7, 2010

Salem Film Festival

Our October screening will be at one of Oregon's biggest festivals, SFF. As this is the first feature for everyone artistically involved with The Corners, this is our biggest step yet. The film will compete in the Northwest Emerging Artist Competition, and much of the judging will be based on audience reaction, so if you find yourself in the Salem area or anywhere nearby, come on out to our screening!
Also, by pure coincidence, the film that will screen to open The Corners will be the short film JOKE, written and directed by our own Seth Allen- the actor who portrayed the eccentric neighborhood alpha dog "Frome".
The festival is a seven day long event with films from all around the country, including some international shorts. I would recommend it to anyone looking to absorb some art and culture.
Several of us (including myself) will attend the screening, and will be having fun at the festival as well.
Hope to see you there! As always thanks to everyone who made the film and to everyone who has given us so much support!!
Monday night, October 18th, 7pm
445 High St
Salem OR, 97301

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