Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mcgillacuddy's Screening

After our success at PUFF, The Corners is now returning to one of the locations where the film was shot, Mcgillacuddy's Sports Pub and Grill. The screening of the film will be on Sunday, July 18th at 9pm...and it will be free! Mcgillacuddy's was sympathetic to our plight during production as a no-budget operation and happily offered us use of their space. Because of this generosity, we were able to finish under our deadline. A thousand thank you's to the bar, now it is time to throw it on the big screen and have some fun!
We will know in the next six weeks where our next festival screening will be. Count on one in October. Til then, we will continue to screen the film in and around Portland, our home base.
Come enjoy our events and thank you for all of your support!
11133 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR 97220