Friday, August 13, 2010

Screening at The Woods in Sellwood

The Mcgillacuddy's screening had a great turnout, an energetic reaction, and brought lots of new fans to the project. It was an awesome night! On to our next FREE screening on August 24th, at 8pm, located in a Portland staple venue, The Woods. The establishment is a former funeral parlor converted into one of the prettiest and most unique venues you'll ever lay your eyes on. It boasts a great sound system, large screen, strong and tasty beer-wine-liquor selection, and a spacious hard wood floor seating area for the screening. It will be the perfect place for our next night out. Come enjoy yourselves.
Our Fall festival run should begin in October. The festivals will be in contact by the end of August. Until then, more screenings to come.
Thanks again for your interest and support of our local indie feature project done with heart, talent, and dedication.

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