Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Characters

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BRANDON: In his late 20's, a bit lost in life, has a good heart, but tends to end up in the wrong places at the wrong times. Wants to set his life straight but not sure how. *Drew Hicks*

JUAN: Brandon's closest friend. A bit of a leader, while at the same time uncertain of his actions. Could be a menace or just a 20 something trying to make up for things lost. *Joshua Sawtell*

LOKI: Looks up to his brother Frome, possibly too much. He has a gambling problem, and it guides his actions. Odd and confused, not the cream of the crop, but who is these days? *Jeremiah Benjamin*

FROME: Loki's older brother. Forceful and a possible leader. Is after things in life that are unhealthy and unacceptable. He is larger than Loki and more vain, and not afraid to show it. *Seth Allen*

MOLLY: Generation Y cab driver. A girl who is soft on the eyes. Blends well yet uniquely stands out in any environment. Pairs up with Loki on accident and trouble falls into her lap, though she is the one that put it there. *Erin Gaughan*

BAILEY: A fun seeker with a bad attitude. Tough, stern, witty, and a bit self-centered. In a way not too far off from Frome's ambitions. *Maria Aparo*

EMBRY: The college girl next door with a spark. Big heart, but is still a bit lost on who she is. In town to visit her family for Thanksgiving. *Kacy Owens*

MATT: Embry's younger brother, in his early 20's and a member of a gang. They have a solid relationship even though they only see each other on the holidays. *Solamon Ibe*

GERRY: Juan's lazy, untrustworthy brother and roommate. No job or money and could easily end up on the street. *Garrett Ritchie*

DRAKE: Brandon's father. Possibly an ex-marine, hot tempered, offers advice in a tough-love fashion. *Bob Olin*

ED: A bartender at a local sleazy dive bar. Will smile and schmooze, but will not think twice about getting ahead by screwing over an innocent person. *Brian Young*

OTHER SPEAKING AND NON SPEAKING ROLES: Blackjack dealer, Theater worker, Mini-Mart clerk, Scared Drunk, Mother (voice on phone), Doorman.

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